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Welcome to the BuckServer project website. BuckServer is (or at least will eventually be) the server portion of a client/server implementation of the Buck Rogers: Battle for the 25th Century board game published by TSR. The game is a Risk-style world domination game, although it takes place within the entire galaxy instead of just on Earth. The game sports some other interesting features, such as multiple unit types, interplanetary space travel, etc.

The source and binary code to this game is released under the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public License. I have not yet made an official release of the source code (the game is still in its very early stages), but the code can at any time be checked out via anonymous CVS. The code makes use of several standard UNIX libraries (such as the pthread library and the UNIX sockets library). The code also uses glibc, so you will need to have a fairly current version of that compiled statically on your system. Either way, downloading the source code right now is only recommended for people who know what they're doing and don't mind getting their hands a little "dirty" with the code.

If you are interested in the development aspect of the BuckServer project, feel free to check out the Sourceforge project page, accessable at This is a rough outline of the development plan:
  1. Build a working server
  2. Build a simple GTK client
  3. Bug checking
"Buck Rogers" is a registered trademark of the Dille Family Trust. I am not affiliated with either the Dille Family Trust or TSR, Inc.